LEADS Corporation Limited

Core Financial Solution branded as “FinUltimus” – a real-time, online NBFI business solution. Our dedication for quality, passion to robustness and professional approach empowered us becoming ultimate local NBFI solution partner in Bangladesh. Financial Institutions are to comply with the principle “SERVICE FIRST”. To meet market’s present & future demands LEADS has developed FinUltimus. It is the solution for present & future total NBFI business.

Features & Benefits
  • End to end Integrated
  • Customizable and User Friendly
  • Support All Delivery Channels
  • Fully NBFI supported business method
  • Central Database, Robust Security
  • Open Platform, n-Tier architecture
  • Web based system
  • Extensive Parameterized



LEADS is one of the pioneer in providing internet banking solution in Bangladesh. Currently 8 banks and NBFIs are using our internet banking solution in live. Our iFinUltimus solution addresses latest security issues like 2 factor authentication, OTP, T-Pin, virtual key board, captcha etc. It has a good number of features for both individual customers and corporate customers. Among the most popular features are mobile topUp, own account fund transfer, within organization fund transfer, beneficiary management, Utility bill pay and many more. Also corporate clients can enjoy some extra features like multiple iFinUltimus account, dashboard, multi-level fund transfer etc.


The X-Chequer is specifically designed to meet and exceed the standard required by today’s treasury management for NBFI. The X-Chequer solution handles very complex business requirements of treasury management and combines efficiency and reliability of service with sound position maintenance and liquidity management facilities.

  • Platform Independent
  • Portability
  • Secured & Robust
  • Scalability
  • High Performance
  • Money Market
  • Govt Securities
  • Share Investment
  • Fund Management Accounts


FrontMoney is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for automotive loan origination, from electronic application capture through efficient credit processing, funding verification, validation and booking of new loans and leases. FrontMoney can lower processing costs without sacrificing quality for quantity. It assures a fast and efficient origination process, enforces process compliance, mitigates risk and promotes profitable growth within an auto lending organization. It has a complete set of tools for any aspect of loan business, 24/7 support and End-to-End lending process.


Features & Benefits
  • Optimizes risk-to-price profiles
  • Enforces automated workflow
  • Provides application acceptance, routing and queuing
  • Automates policy enforcement
  • Supports loans, leases & Credit Cards
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Has normalized Credit Information Bureau (CIB) views
  • Digital file management
  • Analyzes total loan and lease exposure