LEADS Corporation Limited


Opportunity for Career Advancement

LEADS provides everything you could want in a company: long-term growth, career development, challenging work, an amazing culture of giving and the opportunity to work with fantastic, dedicated, team-oriented people.

Dynamic People

At LEADS, when we do something, we do it right and logical. And that includes our highly skilled and creative workforce. LEADS has grown with our smart, creative and energetic associates who allow us to remain disciplined and responsible software & service provider and a trusted member in ICT industry.

Mentorship Program

The program is to provide a forum for mentors and mentees to develop an on-going relationship by meeting regularly and discussing matters relating to the professional development and career of the mentee.

Internship Program

We recruit the best interns and provide them practical knowledge of work and business culture. We also offer employment opportunity if we find the suitable person.

Team-oriented Environment

LEADS is collaborative and emphasize cooperation among employees. Our members are tend to have more positive relationships with their coworkers and particularly with their line managers. LEADS facilitates a team-oriented culture by cross-training its employees so that they are capable of helping one another when needed.

Training Program

We provide various internal and external training programs to enrich the knowledge of our associates which help them to increase their output.

Value Based Working Place

Our Values are, we believe in INTEGRITY in our activities, RESPECT for all, TEAMWORK in every tasks, achievement of objectives through PERFORMANCE, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT for all processes, success through CUSTOMER DEDICATION, COURAGE in accepting challenges and GREEN LIVING for life.

Competitive Salaries

We offer salary which is competitive compared to other similar jobs in the field. Salary is consistent, standardized amount for individual position.

Excellent Benefits

Our expectations are high, and so are our rewards: We treat our people well – whether it’s through our total Compensation package.