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Microsoft Excel Macro VBA-Fundamental Course

Objective of this Training

The whole day we will do a lot of project-based MACRO and VBA workings taking most common essential coding so that your MACRO and VBA fear is disappeared. After completion this training, you will be able to record macro, change the script, write new script and assign the macro with button or any form control.

Then you will show the magic of Excel automation. You will also know the techniques how to learn the coding easily independently. Your daily excel work will be easier and you will be interested to learn the next step.


Who Should Attend?

Regular Excel users, data analyzers, IT people, and the trainers having intermediate level of Excel Knowledge and want to enhance their Excel productivity through VBA and MACRO, and want to gather knowledge to develop Excel based automation.


Training Contents

Start Working with Macros and VBA

What is Macro and VBA?

Difference between Macro and VBA

Customizing ribbon for starting Macro

Creating your first macro

Running the recorded macro using shortcut key

Running the recorded macro using button or objects

Running the recorded macro with opening this workbook

Saving process of the Macro/VBA Enabled Excel Workbook


Visual Basic Editor (VBE) – Change The VBA Script

Go to Visual Basic Editor using Shortcut or clicking on tool

Working with the Visual Basic Editor Window

Recognize the multiple projects for multiple workbooks

Learn various method of code for Excel

Writing VBA code in VBE window

Change the code that was recorded by macro

Understand how macro read the script and how it works

Use comment in your script


Form Controls

Inserting form controls



Text Box

Combo Box

Option Button

Changing properties of the form controls

Source value loading in the Combo Box / Drop-down

Writing code behind the form controls


Using UserForm in Excel

Creating a new UserForm in Excel

Inserting form controls on the UserForm

Changing property of the UserForm

Writing code behind the UserForm

Opening the form from Excel sheet

Writing code behind the form controls

Data entry process using the User Form


MessageBox (MsgBox) and InputBox

Showing MsgBox

InutBox and its activities


Event and Execution

Various events in Excel

Event settings behind objects


Macro Security and Trust Center Settings

Awareness of using Macro Enabled Workbook

Manage Macro security

Trust Center Settings


Macro & VBA Projects

Start Course